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2019 Summer Newsletter Three Leaf Financial
Three Leaf Financial Newsletter

Please enjoy our Newsletter covering "Traveling on a Budget" and the tough subject of "Transitioning to Assisted Living".  Many subjects that are discussed in all financial planning conversations are not always pleasant but finding a place to discuss them is the most important part. We hope you find value in the read. 

2018-Fall-OnWealth-Sauerwine-THUMBNAIL (
Three Leaf Financial Newsletter

Please enjoy our Newsletter covering the lifestyle of a "Dual Resident", maintaining two homes. In addition to this, we cover "How to be prepared financially for 2019" and "How to write a Family Novel and why".  We hope you find value in the read. 

2018 Financial Newsletter
Three Leaf Financial Newsletter

Please enjoy our Newsletter covering Retirement Savings at any age. There is guidance for Baby Boomers, Gen X'ers and Millennials. Additional topics included; protecting your financial life as a caregiver, tips for driving in winter weather and keeping your home ready for guests.

8 Principles of Investing
8 Timeless Principles of Investing 

Market movements, business decisions, economic events, politics, interest

rates—many factors can influence the performance of your investments. Instead of worrying about events that are out of your hands, focus on optimizing what’s in your control.

Investing in your 20's & 30's
Strategies for the Next Generation

Managing personal finances and investing provide many options for pursuing your wealth management goals by starting to address in your 20’s and 30’s. We wrote this guide to help you navigate the vast world of investing and personal finance so that you may successfully build toward your financial future.

ROBO Advisor
Why you need more than a ROBO Advisor

You may have read about the rise of “robo-advisors,” online investing platforms that use computer-generated algorithms to create strategies and manage your money.  The platforms provide simple portfolio management with little human interaction.

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