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Just like every tree requires the right soil mix, sun duration & seasonal temperature to prosper, so does every retirement plan.  The only underlying universal principle between all plans is that everyone wants to know that their plan is “rooted” strongly when bad weather comes. Come see how we create a unique tailored plan to ensure you are in your right environment to “prosper”.


Due to the high demand for customized financial plans & advice, we currently
are not on-boarding new clients. 

50 Minute Casual Introduction Meeting
Whether you were introduced to Three Leaf Financial through an internet search, referred by a friend or by one of our many clients, the process begins the same way. We schedule a 50 Minute  no cost or obligation "zoom" appointment. You can schedule your appointment by emailing or calling Kelly.  This is a great opportunity for Derek to understand your individual situation. If you find value from the conversation, then a fact finding appointment would be scheduled.
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Meeting #2: Fact Finding 
For the second meeting, we will request that you upload any pertinent statements or data. This will be done via a secure link.  During the appointment Derek will ask questions in order to better understand your current financial picture. This information will allow Derek to construct a financial & income summary.
Three Leaf Financal Office
Meeting #3: Summary Review & Direction 
The 3rd meeting will be the review of the financial & preliminary income summary . This is an excellent time to confirm accuracy in addition to the opportunity to identify areas that need some attention or areas that do not match your overall goals or objectives. These discussion areas would be where recommendations will be built for review during the next scheduled appointment.
Three Leaf Financial Office
Meeting #4: Written Recommendations 
The 4th meeting is the opportunity for you and Derek to review all the recommendations that resolve the areas of need identified in meeting #3. The recommendations are in writing in addition to any cost or fees involved in implementing  or managing the strategies.  This written guidance is yours to take home. A 5th appointment would be scheduled to implement any or all recommendations.
Three Leaf Financial Office
Meeting #5: Implementation 
The 5th meeting would be in place to implement any recommendations that were decided upon during the prior meeting. These meetings usually involve both spouses if applicable and this also entails account set-up paperwork. Always remember that beneficiary information is needed in addition to photo identification for yourself.  After implementation is complete, we will determine the future meeting and reporting schedule based your individual desires. 
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