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Investment Design & Management

As an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) of Brookstone Capital, Derek has a Fiduciary responsibility to put his clients' best interest first.  Brookstone Capital provides Derek with the resources to create dynamically diversified blended investment portfolios with each account tailored specifically for that client's risk-tolerance, time horizon and goals. The word "cookie cutter" does not apply to our designs. Portfolio's can be blended with both Tactical & Strategic Elements in addition to be directed towards income generation, capital appreciation or tax efficiency. All investment accounts are held at Charles Schwab and reporting to clients is monthly. All investment accounts are set up under a single Monthly WRAP Fee (% of assets) which includes all transaction costs, Management Fees, Advisory Fees and Custodian Fees. This simple & transparent fee structure aligns both the client's and advisor goals together. 

Investment Management- Thee Leaf Financial

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Custodian Relationship & Client Access
With consumer and information technology accelerating at a rapid pace, we rely on Charles Schwab to keep us ahead. We house all of our client's investment accounts at Charles Schwab and they provide our clients with a world class solution to stay connected to their accounts. Clients have secure and easy access to account information, balances, positions, performance and transaction history. With dynamic portfolio designs through Brookstone Capital and Charles Schwab as our custodian, we have the platform in place to meet our #1 goal of creating life long client relationships.
Client Reporting- Three Leaf Financial
Client Monthly Reporting- Three Leaf Financial
Client Reporting & Communication
With client relationships being our #1 priority, we have aligned our reporting process to this very goal. There are 2 separate reporting engines that are in place for clients to track performance and to be up to date on account changes. The 1st is Charles Schwab. Our custodian through each client access account provides them with a monthly performance report. The 2nd is a an Orion Report. This report is emailed out to each individual investor or household within the 1st 10 days of each month. This report is sent directly from Derek and it provides clients with a very clear picture of account performance of each individual position from a Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Inception Basis. 
Between the 2 combined reporting resources, clients will always know where they stand in achieving their long term goals. 
Mobile Access & Apps
Schwab Alliance Mobile enables you to view your real-time account balances, positions and transaction history from Android™ and Apple® mobile devices. Download Schwab Alliance Mobile in the Apple AppStore and the Google Play™ store.
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